Nanowrimo in July?


Yes, yes, I know that nanowrimo starts in November, but I know that I’m¬†always busy during November, and I don’t have enough time to invest in writing like a maniac. The time I do have for that though, is in July.

While I’m not sure that I will finish even the first draft of my novel, I’m really hoping that with a lot of work perseverance that it will work itself out. At the very least I will have the general story outlined, because it is a fantasy story and I’ve never done any major world building.

I’ve been working on this world, both in my head and on paper, since the summer before tenth grade. Needless to say this novel means a lot to me and I finally feel like I’m at the point that I want to/need to write it or it’s never going to get written.

There are going to be a lot of weird/mythical things in the book, but I’m not sure what all of that is yet. I know the general plot of the novel, and the three/four main characters and what purpose they serve in the book.

I am going to have a word goal, but as of right now I’m just plotting out my book. I’m using this nifty little app on the web called (I think) it is all backed up in your google docs, which isn’t where I would write poetry or a novel, but it’s a good place for plot/world building. I’m getting all of my characters, places, and plot points in order before I start to write.

So wish me the best of luck as July starts to wind up, my word count goal for each day will be 5,000 words.